Story behind the project

4 high school students gathered around an idea to create a new and exciting board gaming experience

"Fun journey of Croatia"

2015 - 2016

Originally called "Zabavan put Hrvatske", our project won the first place at the "Inova Mladi" competition in 2016. Then, it was intended to be only a Trivia quiz about Croatian cities.

Fun journey of Croatia
World in palm

"World in palm"

2016 - 2017

Winning the competition motivated us to continue working on the project. We managed to digitize all of the question cards and display them on the companion mobile app.



After renaming the project yet again, we made the first big redesign. Magnetic figurines were introduced and a new layout was proposed. We also built a wooden prototype.

World in palm

Good Game Liftoff


By winning 14000€ at this startup competition we realized just how promising our project had become. We used this money was used to create our first production ready prototypes.

First production


After producing a limited series of 60 boards, we distributed them into Croatian and Slovenian schools. Our applications were also available for the first time on the App and Play stores.

First production
Mundus Arcade

World’s smartest board game


Now, we are preparing for our biggest undertaking yet. With our Kickstarter launch just weeks away, we are preparing to bring a board game revolution to your homes.


Mundus team

Fran Zekan, Filip Hercig, Matija Fućek, Luka Dumančić

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