The smart board game platform.

We kept what made traditional board games fun, and brought it to a new level. We made Mundus smart, so it guides your every move, allowing you to play even without reading the rules.

Plug and play

There are multiple games already in the app, waiting for you to explore them!

Regular updates

Thanks to frequent updates, you'll be able to regularly find new games to play.

The perfect gift

The games on Mundus are diverse are designed to be fun for both kids and grown-ups.

For any occasion.

Be it family game time or a night out with friends, Mundus will always prove to be a fun activity.

Our games

After downloading our mobile app, changing the game is easy. And with frequent updates, there will always be something new to play!

Story behind the project

Read about the journey of how four young people turned their passion towards board games into a digital revolution.

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Kickstarter will start August 18 and you'll be able to catch some serious discounts there!

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You can finally get your Mundus Smart Board Game, at the lowest price it will ever be! After pairing with your phone, you can play many different board games, all on a single board.