Party Games

In this game a group of friends will test their wits in a battle to the last one standing. Enjoying their poison of choice, they will endure through various challenges.


Gameplay videos, rule videos and more... coming soon!


Each player starts in their own corner


Below is a description of game phases and ways to win the game

Movement phase

If it is your turn the arrow will be pointing in your direction, and you will be told to roll the dice. After rolling move your figurine in any direction.

Action phase

After moving, you will be presented with a challenge depending on which color you moved your figurine to.

Blue - Voting game

Try to answer correctly a question about player on move.

Red - Virus

Player has to drink as much as other player in the game.

Green - Never have I ever

Every player that had done something has to drink.

Orange - Would you rather

Players pick between 2 options. Everyone who voted for option with less votes drinks!

How to win?

The goal to eliminate all of your opponents. They are eliminated if they tap out.

Tap out!

If you are feeling unwell. Double tap special button to tap out!

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