A new type of board game.

Mundus kept what made board games fun and gave them a modern spin. Created not as a single game, but an evergrowing platform of games.

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Digital features

Here is what makes the Mundus experience different from any other traditional board game.

Intuitive gameplay

The game tracks every detail for you, allowing you to enjoy the gameplay without any distractions.

Light effects

Light effects

Each field on the board can light up, helping express various information depending on the selected game.

Smart figurines

Each figurine contains a magnet, helping the board know where each player is located, so no more cheating!

Smart figurines
Mundus app

Mundus app

With a help of an app, Mundus is created not as a single board game, but an evergrowing platform of games.

Our games

After downloading our mobile app, changing the game is easy. And with frequent updates, there will always be something new to play!

Mundus board game

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Get your Mundus Smart Board Game, at the lowest price it will ever be! After pairing with your phone, you can play many different board games, all on a single board.

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